Martin Athanas – The Best Sales Author

Lead GenerationI thought I was the best salesperson around till the time I came across this particular customer who asked me why he should buy from me when he can buy it from anyone else. Needless to say, I lost that deal. But that incident challenged me and shook me up to my core that I realized there are many things I am yet to learn in sales. I dived deep into the field of sales in order practice the core dynamics of selling, the art of best sales practices. I wanted to learn and practice what it really takes to be the best at something like “sales”. Like any true martial art student, I wanted to be a student of Shaolin, the ultimate place to learn martial arts.
In my journey of practicing positive selling in the last fifteen years and helping many companies through sales, training and consulting to achieve their true revenue potential I have come to a stage where I thought these practices need to be told to all dealing in sales, marketing, business development, lead generation, telesales, appointment setting, customer care etc. POSITIVE SELLING is a community of such people who excelled and want to excel using these practices defined into sales book for dealing. It is now grown into a meeting point for sharing, discussing and networking and make more out of your career in sales.